Legal Reference

Spiritual healing is solely limited to activating self-healing abilities of the patients through laying on of hands. That is how it is written in decision of the “Bundesverfassungsgericht” in regards to spiritual healing on March 2nd, 2004.

Medical knowledge is not needed and healers work separate from medical diagnoses.

Spiritual healers are therefore protected by the law of freedom of religion; article 12 “Grundgesetz” of the Federal Republic of Germany. Since they focus on spirituality, they are closer to religion than to medicine and therefore no naturopathic training is necessary. Their work is based on faith to God and the spiritual world.

For patients it is important to notice that spiritual profession does not replace medical diagnoses and medical treatment!

The “Bundesverfassungsgericht” also determined that patients should not be let to believe that the work of a healer replaces medical treatment. Therefore, healers are not allowed to even suggest that their work does replace treatment though medical professionals.

While working with patients, healers have to guarantee that patients are aware of the fact that their work does not replace medical treatment. This may be through references in waiting rooms or through pamphlets.

We can assure you as patients that we in the “Zentrum für spirituelle Begegnung” have a substantiated and continual training for our healers and we can ensure our team members to be responsible and reliable.