Z.S.B. stands for “Zentrum für spirituelle Begegnung” (German for “center for spiritual encounters”). Under the umbrella of this association, spiritual healers come together, that in accordance with the Spiritual Philosophy provide spiritual help to people with illnesses and difficulties of all kind.

On these following pages we tried to assemble the most important information needed for those seeking help. For further information as well as personal consultation please contact one of our listed members.

Spiritual Philosophie

Wat is spiritual Philosophie?

It combines a philosophy, a religion as well as science. Spiritual philosophy is the oldest religion and has existed as long as mankind itself. There are priests that possess medial capabilities and meditative services are held. Contrary to popular belief, Spiritual Philosophy is not a cult, in which people talk to the deceased in dark rooms. Spiritual Philosophy does not stand against Christianity or other religions, but rather respects and recognizes other religions as a way to God, who is the origin of all. There are no dogmas or laws, but there are seven principles that everyone adheres to out of their own volition. Every person has their own personal beliefs and further has the right to change their beliefs and expand their spiritual growth. We believe that spiritual growth extends our perception of our true selves, just like time and experience extend our knowledge. Through observation and studying of the worldly nature of our planet and the universe, we know that there is a force that created all life and the universe itself. It is a force that holds everything in balance. A force we call God. God created life and therefore he is called father and since we all originate from him, we speak of brotherhood. We see a natural responsibility for our fellow human beings as well as all creatures no matter their size.

The soul of a being never dies; the only thing that changes is its form when through death the spiritual body and the physical body are separated. The spiritual body lives on in a new environment. The bond of love and friendship is not severed upon death. God is enteral and therefore our spiritual bodies are eternal as well since we are all a part of our father.

Oftentimes, the previously deceased try to help us in various situations. In Spiritual Philosophy there are mediums that prove that there is a continuation to exist. This serves as the main difference to other religions. Another difference is the fifth principle: personal accountability. We all have free will and the recognition of good and evil determines our thoughts and actions. We believe that you reap what you sow (tenfold even). God is not resentful and does not judge us, but we are presented with ourselves and we will earn what we deserve. We cannot lie to ourselves. We are not meant to go to heaven nor hell, as those are places made up in our minds. We are not automatically spiritual when we leave our physical body, but rather keep our personal character traits and our free will. Further, it is possible that with this eternity we are able to make spiritual progress. With honesty, justice and compassion we are able to advance even quicker. Decisions that are made with selfish intent and disregard to others do not help us with progression. Religious reconnection with God is the goal. Within Spiritual Philosophy we believe, and know, that altruism paths the way towards this goal. Reincarnation, for us, is a matter of fact as well as the reality that every person needs to live through multiple lives in order to learn their tenets and pass tests. We believe in a path of eternal progression that is open to everyone that owns the willpower to walk it.

The 7 Principals

Within spiritual philosophy there are no doctrines or laws to abide to, but rather seven principles that everyone lives by voluntarily. We believe in…

  1. God as our father and mother
  2. The unity of humanity
  3. The immortality of the soul
  4. The persistence of individuality and personality beyond death
  5. The existence of incarnate and non-incarnate spiritual beings
  6. The personal responsibility of retribution, whether it be now or in another spiritual incarnation, for every good deed as well as every act of wrongdoing
  7. An everlasting path of progression, that is accessible to everyone willing to commit to this pathway


        Reverend D. Ph. D. Sc. H. Johan van Oosteroom


        Johan von Oosteroom, born 19951 in Schaesberg, the Netherlands, has always been capable of perceiving things that others were not able to neither see nor feel, even as a child. This has proven to be a great burden for him that he had to learn to live with over the years. He had to resign from his office job in an industrial company due to illness. Following this, his doctor who he had known since childhood gave him the advice to “work with his hands”; Johan von Oosteroom decided to take him up on this advice. He felt better each month he was doing that. He got the permit for opening an own practice through passing an exam with the oldest Dutch healing organization.

        After 10 years of practicing in the Netherlands, Johan von Oosteroom decided to venture out to Germany. Here, his healing practices fell under the “Heilpraktikergesetz” and therefore he had to cease professional activity. During that time he completed his doctorate degree as well as the book he started to write while still living in the Netherlands. Through this he got to know Reverend Terry Bartsch from Australia, who consecrated Johan van Oosteroom to priest of spiritual philosophy after years of apprenticeship. Johann van Oosteroom utilizes “Psychometrie” for about 25 years now. Since this “ reading with one’s soul” is something dormant in anyone of us, he decided to give classes in teaching “Psychometrie”.

        Rev. Johan: “Spiritual healing are two words that don’t really reflect what is really meant by it. At least not in my mind. In my mind, spiritual healing isn’t anything special, because it’s part of life just like eating, drinking and breathing. However, most people say or think that it is something extraordinary and only chosen ones are capable of doing it. Something supernatural, a so called miracle healer, as a guru or pioneer. I don’t see it that way. Spiritual healing, for me, is not just passing on energy, but rather loving every human being as you would love a small child. And just like I can teach this child basic multiplication, I can teach every person how to love; without limitations, in order to receive love out of this great power. With these thoughts, everyone can spiritually heal. A spiritual healer in my mind, loves the other person so that they understand that there is godly power in them and just like that they themselves are able to draw from the power of love. A religion that teaches that everyone has to follow their own path of learning in order to reach the end goal: divine eternal love! Through following this path you will appreciate learning new lessons, because you will draw more of this power. I try to convey this joy and lust for life in two ways:

        1. Through exemplifying, to show everyone how I myself am able to accept this path.
        2. Feeling through own experiences what this energy is capable of.”

        Auf Hans van Oosteroom geht die Gründung unseres Vereins  Zentrum für Spirituelle Begegnung  Germany zurück. Er ist in Deutschland ein Spiritueller Heiler der ersten Stunde. Seine Arbeit hier wurde ihm Anfang der 90’iger Jahre zunächst verboten, weil man sie als Heilkunde im klassischen medizinischen Sinne betrachte. In einem langen juristischen Streitverfahren wehrte er sich aber erfolgreich, sein Berufsverbot wurde aufgehoben. Einige Zeit später gründete Hans van Oosteroom unseren Verein. Die Kernaussagen seiner Philosophie und seiner Arbeit legte er in unserer Vereinssatzung nieder. Sein persönliches Streben und Anliegen ist es immer, diesen Kern zu bewahren und das spirituelle Heilen nicht zu verwässern und falsch auszuweiten. Seine Arbeit entspringt aus seinem tiefen Glauben an Gott. ANZL, wie er ihn auch nennt, die alles gebende, nichts zurückfordernde Liebeskraft, steht immer im Vordergrund. Gemeinsam mit unseren „Kumpels“, wie er liebevoll unsere geistige Helfer nennt, übermittelt er diese Heilkraft zum Wohle der Menschen, die bei ihm Hilfe suchen. Auf diese Weise hat er im Laufe seines Wirkens unzähligen Menschen in seiner Praxisarbeit geholfen. Gleichzeitig ist Hans van Oosteroom leidenschaftlicher Kursleiter und Ausbilder. Als durchaus strenger Lehrer versucht er immer, seine Schüler und Schülerinnen durch ihre persönlichen Problematiken hindurch an die geistige Welt heranzuführen, um sie zu befähigen, eines Tages selbst die heilbringende Kraft ANZL’s vermitteln zu dürfen.

        Hans van Oosteroom hat im Sommer 2015 nach fast 20-jähriger Tätigkeit unter dem ZSB-Dach die Geschäftsführung und den Vorsitz des Vereins abgegeben. Am 20.03.2016 wurde er zum ZSB-Ehrenvorsitzender gewählt. Als solches nimmt er weiter aktiv am Vereinsleben teil. Er steht dem Vorstand als geistiger Vater mit all seiner Erfahrung und seinem Wissen weiter zur Verfügung.


        Guido Prause


        Born on September 22th, 1965 in Billerbeck; married to Sigrid Bertels-Prause, with three adult children.

        I completed my training to becoming a healer through taking seminars for “Psychometrie” and “Psychoskopie” held by Johan van Oosteroom. Thereafter, I started my two-year-long training to become a spiritual healer, which I finished at the beginning of 2008. Since 2007 I have been practicing spiritual healing in my own practice in 48727 Billerbeck, Ludgeristraße 17. Following my apprenticeship I regularly participated personal growth seminars and healer coachings held by Johan van Oosteroom. I am furthermore taking part in the European Academy for healers, founded by Johan van Oosteroom, especially in regards to laws and ethics. I also hold my own seminars through the Z.S.B Germany e.V.

        In addition to that I work full-time as a policeman for the criminal investigation department in the area of Coesfeld (MĂĽnsterland).


        02543 / 931533
        0175 4153565


        The ZSB was founded in 1996 by Reverend Johan van Oosteroom in cooperation with Reverend Terry Bartsch. Terry Bartsch is a representative of the International Council of Spiritualism (I.C.S.), a worldwide organization especially recognized as a religious community in the Commonwealth. The I.C.S. is also based on the foundation of spiritual philosophy.

        Based on this initial affiliation it becomes apparent that this association is spiritually oriented. Faith is a core aspect for the associated healers. Religious denomination, however, is not of great importance (refer Philosophy).

        Furthermore, the Healing Hands Fellowship (H.H.S.), another organization for healers, was also involved in the establishment of the association. The H.H.S. cooperates closely with the I.C.S. and has members all over the world.

        Psychometrie & Psychoscopie

        Why are we so sensible to certain keepsakes, such as photos or pieces of jewelry? They are just objects after all! It’s the “energy” of those objects that elicits us to have these so-called “warm and fuzzy feelings”. Where is this energy coming from, and what is its use? Reverend Johan explains: “Everything in life is energy; its carries information and is transferrable.” Provided that you are able to “read” this energy, you would be able receive information about the owner of a personal item just by touching it. The object may tell you about that person’s health, their past as well as their emotions. Every person radiates energy, but negative feelings and experiences may inhibit this process.

        When a person gets sick, bad habits are oftentimes a key factor. Therefore, in order to become “actually healthy” again, they have to work on these bad habits and their outlook on life. A healer may provide the necessary help in taking these steps in order to do so.

        “Psychometrie” and „Psychoskopie” form an interplay between exercise and experience. Fully understood and correctly practiced, these instruments may improve the ability of living more consciously. Further, they are efficient tools for gaining control over your own life. Obstructive convictions and unwanted belief systems can be dismantled by learning a simple but effective technique. Mastering this powerful technique will allow you to dissolve interpersonal conflicts, overcome compulsions and unwanted body sensations. You will be able to see things as they really are. In addition to that you will get insight as to why some things in life work out and why others don’t, as well as what to do in order to modify a situation.

        “Psychometrie” and “Psychoskopie” contribute to the expansion of consciousness. You will be able to pick up on things that you weren’t aware of before and access to your potential becomes apparent. With that, life becomes more profound, diverseand fulfilled.


        Johan van Oosteroom


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        Guido Prause

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